The 5 Bad Habits Every Sales Manager Must Break – Immediately!

by Jeff Bloomfield  Follow @jeff_Bloomfield

Over the past two decades, I have been a sales leader and I have coached countless sales leaders. In my experience and the experience of all the leaders I have coached and interviewed, there are five bad habits that many sales leaders and managers unconsciously develop that prevent them from exceeding their revenue targets, developing themselves into great leaders and developing their people.


Why Traditional Sales Training Doesn’t Work

For some of you, the title of this blog made you immediately nod your head in agreement.  For others, it made you say, “what!?!” then why in the world does my manager keep making me go to these useless sessions?? Recent advances in neuroscience have finally proven what great salespeople and great communicators in general have known all along;  That teaching a transactional, mechanical, fact-filled, executive summary process of “Open-Probe-Present-Overcome Objections-Tansition-Close” has the complete opposite effect on the human brain than we were hoping for.  

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How a Joe Friday “Just the Facts, Ma’am” approach is sinking your sales call

If you’re a detective, then uncovering the facts is critical to solving the case.  But if you’re a salesperson, interrogating your customers on one hand or constantly presenting facts and statistics to them on the other has a significant impact on your chance to close the deal.  Unfortunately, that impact is negative.

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Corporate Storytelling or the Usual Corporate Jargon?

In my travels delivery talks and workshops, I get to see many shades of corporate communication.

What never ceases to amaze me (thankfully, because they pay me well to fix it) is how so few companies have intentionally pursued the art of storytelling as their primary communication method.  Instead, they stick with the usual, transactional, left brained verbiage spouted from power points and platforms at every meeting.  Many of the companies that hire me have actually created a directory of acronyms just to keep everyone straight.

I thought it would be interesting to compile a “Jeff Foxworthy” type list of signs that you might be working at a left brained company.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

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